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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

MJ offers process and technology oriented services to ensure product quality & critical supply chain of healthcare & Pharma industry is met at all the levels. We have best-in-class infrastructure to support pharmaceutical operations:

  • Separate Pharma Zone for ensuring all quality parameters of the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • To ensure product quality, safety and efficacy, we provide suitable space to store raw material, handling of raw & packaged materials
  • Effective cleaning and maintenance in order to avoid cross-contamination, buildup of dust or dirt, and, in general, any adverse effect on the quality of products
  • Electrical supply, lighting, temperature, humidity and ventilation are appropriate and such that they do not adversely affect, directly or indirectly, either the pharmaceutical products during their storage
  • Premises is designed and equipped in a manner that it affords maximum protection against the entry of insects, birds or other animals. There is a standard procedure to prevent from rodent and pest control
  • MJ has adequate dust extraction system should be provided to suck away the fine dust as to prevent cross-contamination