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Cold chain Service Solution for a Food Ingredient Solution MNC

(Not just cold storage but a complete 3PL solution for the customer products)

Prevalent Industry model Pre-2010
  • Usually cold storages only have one big chamber with a minus (frozen) temperature (-14°C to -22°C) and were primarily used for one or two commodities
  • Stacking & Handling of the cargo was mostly manual and lacs proper segregation, safety and hazard protection.
  • Products of different nature & odour were often mixed and provisions for temperature range 0-10°C were not available.
MJ Solution to Industry-Launched 2010
  • MJ established a cold chain center at Palwal in 2010 which was strategically located at National Highway-2 (Agra Mathura Highway) near Delhi (60 Kms)
  • Total capacity of the DC is 6000+ pallets with various Freezer & Chiller Chambers. Chiller rooms are maintaining temperature between 0°C & 15°C with RH ranging from 65 to 90 and in Freezer room temperature can be as low as -25°C
  • G+5 level double deep selective pallet racking and three-deep push back racking available
  • Environment friendly PLC based refrigeration system
  • LC has spacious aisles for free movement of goods and ample staging area for sorting-scanning-labeling and store wise dispatches etc.
  • There is a separate Pharma Zone along with a blast freezer unit of 12 MT capacity
  • Completely mechanized handling & 24 hours CCTV surveillance amp;& Security personnel
  • Entire LC runs on Warehouse Management System, all order processing and inventory is managed through WMS.
  • Quality Focused: Facility is FSSAI registered and HACCP accredited. We conduct internal GWP audit every quarter internally along with customer's Safety Audits.
Challenges faced by customer
  • Disaggregated Inventory at the factory premises: No separate or segregated space defined for different SKUs. Imports were increasing and managing inventory was an issue
  • Adequate temperature was a problem as multi-temperature cold rooms were not available.
  • Loading & unloading in temperature controlled environment was not possible.
  • Managing inventory & FEFO management was a challenge
  • Monthly stock audit was difficult
  • Products was prone to damage and single damage result in complete loss of that product
  • Packing activities were difficult to handle resulting in product losses
  • One DC in West was supporting all imports rest all burden was on Factory (in North India)
MJ's Solution to customer's Challenges
  • Established Palwal as North India DC with Space Optimization We offered customer to set up a North India DC at Palwal and support all sale and STs from this DC to factory and minimized the load on Factory & West DC.

    Space optimization at our Palwal logistics center:

    • Double deep Selective pallet racking was implemented with G+5 level: enabled to store more products in lesser space
    • Isolated chambers with spacious aisle were allocated to customer for their different products. Hence different products were stored in different chambers as per temperature requirement.
    • MJ has ample temperature controlled staging area and receiving area which enabled complete handling in temperature controlled environment right from unloading products at warehouse to storage and till it is loaded in the vehicle for dispatch.
    • Product Damages were minimized and later eliminated because of better handling of products
  • Warehouse Management System
    • Entire inventory was mapped on our WMS, hence FEFO/FIFO management became easy
    • Multiple SKU picking were fast due to RF hand held terminal directed picking at warehouse. Receiving & put away is also done through HHTs
    • Customer was able to access multiple kind of reports related to their inventory position at real-time.
    • Complete order management and processing were done from LC
  • Segregated space for all products
    • This made monthly stock audits easy
    • We are successfully completing all stock audits every month with 100% stock accuracy
  • Separate packing/processing room and Specialized packing solution
    • MJ offered separate temperature controlled picking packing & processing room for customer's value added services
    • We provided customer with specialized temperature controlled packaging in for two of their critical & delicate products. This in turn eliminated transit damages by 100% and enabled dispatches in smaller volumes. As an additional safety, all the products are shrink wrapped & bubble wrapped to avoid any transit damages.
  • Quality focused services
    • MJLSL always focuses on Quality & compliances when it comes to food safety. Our facility was FSSAI registered and we conduct internal GWP audits for all customers every quarter.
    • Later in 2012 we started the procedure for HACCP application which is a global benchmark for highest standard of quality & integrity in Food safety and we got the accreditation in early 2013. We have centralized management control on HACCP within company and has successfully completed first audit this year.